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Exclusive Distributor is our current important policy for our regular clients. For ensure the delivery on time and do not delay the production arrangemen……

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“Wir haben die strengen Qualitätskontrollverfahren in unseren Produkten. Der erste Schritt ist sicherlich die Qualitätskontrolle der Verpackungsmaterialien. ”

Sinoaoo Medical Corp

“In addition, Sinoaoo Medical Corp originally developed the QUALITY CONSUMER PRODUCT SUPPLIER theory to ensure that the products not only meet static standards.”

Sinoaoo Medical Corp

“We have been the quality supplier for consumer goods since 2000. Different product range, strict quality control, short delivery times, good after-sales service.”

Sinoaoo Medical Corp
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Washing Powder Factory

We have two washing powder factory in Henan Province and Guizhou Province for the stable cooperation,we…

Mosquito Coils Factory

We are professional in mosquito coils for more than 14 years and repellent products is our burgeoning…